Lease the Asquith to help your cashflow forecast.

We will offer customers the opportunity to lease one of these vehicles and we ask you to register your interest so that we can contact you when we are taking orders.

We will build in small numbers so your business will be one of a select few who will be able to use the Asquith. This exclusivity will ensure you are most unlikely to see other versions in your area. We will also be advertising this opportunity in Germany through a partner company located there. If you have a pre-release enquiry then do not hesitate to contact us, or register for news.

Leases will be long and customers are assured that they can use their Asquith for as long as they want. At the end of the lease period, the vehicle can be returned, exchanged for another, the lease extended. Purchase of the vehicle may be possible under certain conditions.

Rather than sourcing a large sum to purchase one of these vehicles, the lease system will help your cashflow and budget for this cost. This is just as much an advertising product and companies may want to consider allocating some advertising budget to finance the will soon see the level of interest and know that recall of brand is very high.

Register your details and we will update you when vehicles become available.

Lease imageLease image