The Asquith Shire mixes the advantages of a modern chassis with the looks of a vintage vehicle.

Like any other van, the Asquith Shire has the ability to earn your business revenue and can be built to sell food, ice cream or just deliver product. Whatever you want it to do, the Asquith will attract attention, lots of attention.....

This strong targeted advertising will be in the place you want to do business and the vintage style vehicle will subconsciously link your product to the key attributes of style, quality & heritage. To find out more about the marketing potential of the Shire click here.

Originally there was a range of different vehicles and we are reintroducing new versions of the Asquith range one by one. Our initial focus is the 3.5 ton Shire and this, like it's name suggests, is the real workhorse of the collection. To find out more about the history of Asquith click here.

The Shire is built on a modern Iveco chassis and can be adapted to create a variety of styles including food serving, delivery van, 'A' frame advertising, 'Luton' style, flatbed etc. We can build on the larger 5 ton chassis. Check out some of the images of original vehicles in the gallery section and to stay up to date with our progress, make sure you register for the newsletter.

To check out our plans for other models, including a small electric van, then check our 'Future Plans' section.

The Shire imageThe Shire image