The Asquith combines stylish looks with strong modern mechanics!

All Asquith vehicles start their life as a standard modern 3.5 ton 'Iveco 35S' chassis cab with a 3750mm wheelbase which is then converted to create the unique look of a classic.

Iveco is the ideal base for this vehicle as it is adaptable and a sturdy commercial workhorse and the best to adapt to our requirements.

The change process is quite dramatic and has to be due to the difference in profile between a modern van and a vintage one. Modern vehicles have the driver sitting above the engine and close to the front axle, whereas the vintage vehicles have their front axle further forward and the driver sits behind a longer bonnet.

To enable this change we remove the cab, move the engine and driver position, then fit the custom made cab which then creates the vintage style. The rear section is fitted at a later stage of production and therefore we can design a range of different styles to suit the customer requirements. The most popular versions are for food serving, or ice cream vans.

The vehicles have a range of custom parts to really make it stand out, including a stainless steel radiator shell, classic artillery wheels, oogah horn, straps and quality badges. We do not set out to create an authentic replica but rather a style of vehicle that takes inspiration from the period.

Because the Asquith is built on a modern chassis, with modern engines and parts, it is a practical vehicle that can be used on a daily basis with levels of reliability matching those of any other ‘ordinary’ vans.
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