Advertising Value

The trend today is to spend advertising money online but it's a crowded market.......the Asquith option is old school but nevertheless it works and is proven to be a very cost effective tool when considered 'per view' 

Primarily, this is a fantastic advertising tool that will grab attention wherever it goes. The 'Outdoor Advertising Association of America' has proven that vehicles with advertising can attract 80,000 views within a busy metropolitan area over an 8 hour period and that study was based on a normal looking advertising vehicle...we know the Asquith could attract a lot more attention and therefore it becomes a viable investment of advertising budget.

The Asquith creates positive emotions and this transfers to your brand. It automatically links your business to be one that has heritage, style and a premium product.....brands spend years building up this sort of reputation.

In addition, we know from personal account that owners found that people preferred to buy from their Asquith vehicle compared to other vehicles. Two revenue streams as the vehicle is a mobile advertising billboard and a will earn money too.

Check out some of the brands that bought the Asquith during the 1980's & 1990's.